CMC undertakes this service on an annual contract basis which is divided into two phases.

  • Phase I - CMC's trained technicians will initially treat intensively highly infected areas, breeding sites and harborages to eradicate the existence of pests. 

  • Phase II - This service would be carried out on monthly basis for the rest of the year.

We use a range of products in our day-to-day work depending on conditions and circumstances. All these materials have been approved under EEC legislation and EPA legislation in the USA.  We provide effective and environment friendly pest control services for insects, termites and rodents.

Our HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental) policy is that we will endeavor not to harm the environment in any way. To this end the Company has a policy of toxic waste management where all hazardous and non-hazardous wastes are correctly disposed off. 

Every attempt is made to minimize the quantity and toxicity of waste produced wherever possible by segregating hazardous and non-hazardous waste, procuring materials in appropriate sized containers, avoiding over ordering, using longer life components and recycling and reusing components. 

The company has made a policy decision to select less harmful materials whenever possible. We believe in a green environment and intend to follow every rule in the book, to preserve it.